Monday, October 17, 2011

Evening in the family office

When I first started blogging, I thought to myself that I would post at least once a day. To share my days and my thoughts. That's how I chose the name of my blogg, "All the days that passed...". Well, either I don't do or think much, or I'm just lousy at sharing it with you. At least once a day! This time I was kept away from blogging because of germs and a big rearrangement in the house. My working space has moved downstairs, from the TV-room to the office.

 Maybe a little less space for me here, but more shelves. And closer to the computer, which I think is great. I kept running up and down the stairs before. Downstairs to print patterns, upstairs to knit or crochet. Downstairs to blogg, upstairs to take the pictures I had forgotten, downstairs again to post them, upstairs again since I forgot to bring the camera... I think you get the picture!

It took some time though, to move it all around. All our books had to be moved, tables and shelves and so on. And my son got sick and had to stay home from school almost the entire week. Now it's my turn to cough and sneeze. So I haven't really been up to much creative stuff either. But now, look at my table! I got to the yarn shop today, and have already started on some orders I have since the harvest feast. And I like it! 

I only just started, so there's not much to see yet. But it will keep me company in our lovely TV-room tonight! So much more relaxing up there now, without my creative mess piling up in every corner!

Of course the kids needed their own creative space. When I sit in here, so do they. Unusually tidy so far though... If you are wondering about the dark pictures, but sometimes it's nice to catch the moment rather than posting perfect contrasts. This is what our room looks like this autumn evening.

Of course my husband had to have his own corner to. Maybe not creative in the same way as the rest of the room, but there are many ways to be creative, right?! Anyway, he sometimes works from home and needs his own desk. By the way, this corner is probably the only place in the house where our old (read ancient) wallpapers seem to fit in. I find myself always trying to avoid catching our walls on picture, hope we can redecorate them to some day!

Now, I think it is about time I grab that basket and move on upstairs. The youngest one needs to be tucked in soon, and I need to do some knitting! I hope you don't have to wait too long for my next post...

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  1. haha, känner igen det där med att springa upp och ner i trapporna, jag tröstar mig med att det blir som motion ;)
    Jag har ett alldeles eget rum för blommor och sömnad och what not en trappa upp men ändå .. allt släpas ner till teverummet och bärbara och fixarummet står tomt. Just nu är matbordet belamrat med symaskin och tyger och textilfärger och borde städas... en annan dag ;)