Friday, October 7, 2011

Felted African Flower

 Felting is so much fun! I made a bag out of the two big African Flowers, although it was a bit tricky since I was running out of yarn. But I found a way.

The African Flowers are so pretty, don't you think? One of those things I can't stop making.

I made the stitches between front and back in green, since I was getting short on gray. But I don't mind, I think it can be really pretty with visible stitches. 

The handle was the biggest problem, I don't know how many different options I tried... But finally I found a way to make it with the small amount of yarn I still had left. Chains in green, and a round of gray.

I didn't dare to put this bag in the washer machine, it would probably shrink too much. So I felted it by hand on my washboard. Not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm pleased with the result, except for the handle.

 It looks kind of like a wet, dead animal... A bit better now though, when it is a little drier.

I think felting is so exciting. Everything looks so different once felted. The only boring part is that it takes forever to dry...

I have already made another one. In blue and beige. I  I felted it today and am impatiently waiting for it to dry. I am sorry to say that I forgot to take pictures of it before I felted it, I was to eager I guess. So I'm going to let it hang around until it's completely dry, and show it here then. I'm thinking about lining both of the bags, so you'll get to see the finished result of them both. Hopefully in a near future!


  1. you can certainly stretch that yarn Nilla...and it turned out beautifully..haven't tried felting yet, well not on purpose...have had the odd sweater felt itself...small enough for the squirrels once!!!

  2. Hej Nilla!

    Vad roligt att du hörde av dig!
    Nu har jag kikat runt bland dina inlägg och ser mycket fint!

    Jag virkar också, men mest är det lappteknik och stickning som gäller för mig.

    De där Afrikanska blommorna ska jag se om jag kan pröva någon gång! De är så vackra!

    Hör gärna av dig igen och om du ser mig hos Malin någon gång så kom fram och hälsa, är du snäll!

    Ha en trevlig dag!

  3. Läckert! dina halvvantar och kärleksknutsjalen gillar jag också, jättefina!