Friday, October 21, 2011

Nothing much

Nothing much has happened here since last time. I've mostly been coughing and haven't had energy for so much more. Even knitting or crocheting has made me too tired... But now I'm feeling better, and I've even worked on a few African Flowers for a new bag. A friend of mine just loved my Purple and Pink bag and wanted one, but without the pink. So I went to the yarn store and bought the only three purple colors they had in the cotton yarn I use. Was a little skeptic at first, but it turned out quite nicely. 

Right now, I'm in that state where you have a lot of different projects going on. I start new ones without finishing any, or so it seems. But I now that it's a cycle. Soon I will be in the mood for finishing things and wouldn't dream of starting something new until everything else is done.

Almost like the nature, there are different times for different things. Or even as the Bible says, "a time too reap, a time to sow...".

 But I have to agree with the person who said that autumn is blooming just like spring, it just has different colors. Quite amazing colors, really.

All of this, just in my little garden. And I better take the time to admire it, soon it will all be gone. Some of the trees are already naked.

 I went behind the earth cellar, to see if that golden oak tree had left a treasure of beautiful leaves on the ground. 

Something like this, only more grand.

No leaves, but instead I ran into these guys. I'm not sure who was most surprised, them or me.

Usually, they like to keep their distance. But today they let me come pretty close and take some pictures. I think this one is my favorite cow, it looks so soft and cuddly.

I'll leave you with this cute fellow, and wish you a great weekend. I'll be home alone with my kids, so I predict I won't get very much computer time... But hopefully I will have some progress in one or two of all my projects to show you next week. Or maybe some new ones...


  1. happy to hear you feel better...hope it continues. We all go through the making everything thing we see and finish nothing're right. then you just have to finish it all so we can start again...imagine if we ran the world like that...what a mess!!! Have a great weekend Nilla and I really enjoyed seeing your neighbours!! do you ever get to milk them, or are they not that kind of cow??? :) :) :)