Sunday, October 2, 2011

Something for me

After making so many things for the harvest feast, for others to buy, I really felt like making something just for me. Actually, I got started on it right at the feast. I sat in my corner on a chair, on my sheep skin, tucked under a blanket and crocheted. Can you see what it is?

Lover's knots! Of course... Do I make anything else? Feels like I want to turn all my yarn into lover's knots shawls, especially if the yarn shifts in color, or if it is very snuggly, or... Well, you get the picture.

This yarn is an acrylic-alpacka mix. So cuddly! That's why I decided to keep it. It shifts from dark to very light purple. I love purple, but I hate taking pictures of purple things! Why is it so hard to get it right? I was complaining about that when I took these pictures. "Then stop making purple things!", my husband said. I hope he wasn't serious, 'cause that is not an option!

I also made a pair of mitts to go with the shawl. I really wanted to knit them, but this yarn just wouldn't be knitted. It is too hairy... It just kept getting stuck, and although  I was knitting one, purling one, it didn't get flexible at all so I gave up. I made them in crochet.

They didn't get as tight as I had planned around my arms, but that's okay. I have really skinny arms, so had I made them tight enough I wouldn't be able to stick my hands through them. And that's the whole idea, right?

 Well, now I am the proud owner of  a fluffy shawl and pretty mitts! I have a drawer full of shawls, but these are the first pretty mitts I've made for myself. Earlier I just kept the first try on new patterns I made up, and though they keep my hands warmer, they are not that pretty.

As you might have noticed, I wrote this only in English. I think that is how it will be from now on. It took so much time to write in both languages, and I didn't like the amount of text in each post. Hard to read, right? Even if you only read half of it, I guess too much text makes you less eager to read it. But mostly I do this for me, I found that I almost didn't want to blog, since it took so much time and effort. I already like this better! Hope you do too...

See you in a while!


  1. What a lovely shawl! Makes me want to learn how to do lover's knots... About switching to English - I don't think anyone will have trouble with it, really. As you said yourself, it's easier to grasp alltogether if the language doesn't switch all the time. I myself chose to write only in english in my blog as well, and I've had no trouble at all with grumpy swedes only wanting to read swedish! ;)

  2. we can always use the translator...Nilla I LOVE your shawl and well done for making yourself something...sometimes it's just plain nice to think of ourselves and do something pretty...why is purple and blue hard to photograph...will have to look that up!!! now don't forget to take those pretty gloves off before you do the dishes!!!

  3. Vilket fint set! Inget fel med att göra kärleksknutar hela tiden - de är ju så fina ;)

  4. The shawl and gloves are looking gorgeous! Absolutely nothing wrong with having a a drawer full of lovely shawls and mitts.... and hats....:)) I find trying to capture pinky/reds and magenta/purples more difficult than other colours too. I correct if I can with a blue filter on photoshop as I don't have a filter for my camera:)