Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turning something old into something new

It's getting colder every day, winter is probably not far away. So I looked through the kids' winter clothes to see what they still could use and what had to be bought. Found that my daughter's winter coat was too small for her now. Thought we would have to buy a new one, but then I found a coat we had put away in a closet when my son couldn't wear it anymore. All black, only color was a blue airplane on the chest, a self adhesive reflector. She didn't want it (the plane), so I took it off. Only the glue stayed... So it had to be covered with something else.

Looked for another reflector that would work, but we were out of self adhesive ones. So what do you do? Well, I got out one of her many reflector vests, one that was too small for her. Stripped it from reflectors that I glued onto the black coat. Not merely to cover the glue, I really felt uncomfortable with a small child like my girl running around almost invisible in the black Swedish winter. And I even got a little artistic down on the back, can you see it?

I used a gingerbread angel cutter as a template, I like to think of it as an guardian angel.  The reader with good eyes can see stitches there, even though I said I used glue. Yes, my glue didn't work that well. It is for fabric use, but maybe the reflectors and coat were too plastic? Anyway, I had to sew to keep the reflectors on the coat. Oh, did my fingertips hurt after that! Not the softest materials to pierce...

The reflector stripes didn't really cover the glue spot completely, but that was not a big problem. Had some crochet flowers lying around just waiting for a girl to need them. Pink and purple of course, what else? At least when you are almost seven.

She danced around in it as soon as it was all done last night. She loves when I make things for her. Not that you can tell from the picture below... Maybe she was worried that she would miss the school bus just because I had to take her picture.

Hope it will keep you warm and visible, sweetheart! Now I better get away from the computer, I have a million things that need to be done. Take care!

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