Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frosty morning

It's cold today, coldest day so far. The frost has been glistening in the grass in the warming sun. I started this morning sneezing and freezing, but I just had to get out there and try to catch this beautiful late autumn day! Didn't catch the sparkles, but you can see the frost, right?

The sky has been blue, so blue and the trees are all naked now. 

The cows in the pen have been taking it easier lately, but you could see they really enjoyed the warming sun today.

I saw them from my kitchen window, saw their breaths forming steaming clouds and wanted to catch that on picture if I could. I couldn't, but I got many pretty cow pictures! 

As I've told you before, they are pretty shy. But I tried to make myself as small as possible, and some of them seemed curious enough. And if one comes - they all come! More or less...

They look different now compared to this summer. Their fur is thicker, probably from staying outdoors, and they have grown quite a lot. "Our" farmer has milk-cows, so that's what they are. Only these are the youngsters. Don't dare to guess if their going to be mums or dads. Or should I say, mums or meat. They don't need that many dads...

But hey, look there! To the left of the brown cow, I can actually see some hot cow breath! Mission accomplished!

When the kids were smaller, we used to visit the "real" farm, where they keep the milk-cows. The farmer's boys would take my boy on a ride on the tractor, my girl never dared to do that. And we would watch when the farmer milked the cows. All automatic of course. And they all knew their places! Twice a day he brings them in to milk them. But the milk-cows only get to go out from May to October, too cold for them now. 

After a lot of patience, calling them cowards just to let them prove the opposite, this pretty brunette came up close. Actually so close I could touch her (?) face. And when I finally had a lot of cows up really close and watching me with their pretty eyes, my camera memory card got full... Frustration!

So I had to bid them goodbye and hope that they will let me close again. I just love getting close to animals, especially the shy ones! And I don't know what you think, but I think they have very pretty eyes!

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