Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy pan holders

I am still working on some custom orders, but I sneak in some crocheting for me between them. Just to lift my spirit and go with the inspiration a little.

We have some old pans, molded in one piece. They are great, and we use them a lot. But since they are in one piece, their handles tend to get very hot. Especially when we make a lot of pancakes and the pan stands in the heat for a longer period of time.

Ordinary potholders tend to slip around some on the handles, and since these pan are really heavy I prefer to get a good, firm grip on them. We once found an old pan holder, just like these, and I have used it a lot. I even made a new one, but it wasn't soft enough to give a good grip.

I have made these in double yarn, one "ordinary" soft cotton and one chunkier soft cotton. I crochet quite loosely to make them soft and flexible. It also gives an extra dimension to them that the colors are not exactly the same, just almost.

Maybe not the colors you expect to see in November, but I like happy colors when I cook. Anything to make it more fun!

Anyone can make these, just chain three, make enough sc's in the first chain to make a circle, increase until it's wide enough for your handle and then work in the round until you are happy with the length. You can add a contrasting color in the ends if you like, make a hanger if you want one, or just make it as simple as possible. Or really complicated too, I guess. But I like simple and fast...

Hope to be back soon with some embroidery on that little bag (made a new one and felted it today) or the tutorial about the African Flower bag I've been talking about. Wrote half of it the other day, but somehow Blogger didn't save it although I pushed the button. Didn't like that at all! Hope you get some happy colors in gray November too!

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