Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goodies for Christmas season

 Hello there! Having a busy time now, with Christmas soon coming up? I wouldn't say I'm busy or stressed out, I do all the baking and such because I enjoy it. But I haven't been well this week, so I am a little after my schedule. But then again, I always am. Guess I am always a bit too optimistic about how much I will get done in one day, especially when it's all fun things to do. I have mostly been sitting on my bed, reading a good book and trying to get some knitting done. Have to finish that brain hat soon...

But today I have been feeling much better and have been able to shorten my to-do list a little. Much to my daughter's delight, we have now made our first Christmas sweets, white truffle with lime. Mmm, yum yum! One of my favorites! (I know the pictures are too dark, but I don't have a fancy camera and it's dark here most of the time now. )

 I also baked saffron buns. They should have been done before the 13'th when we celebrate the Lucia tradition, but I didn't have the strength then. We'll enjoy them just as much now! Usually, the saffron buns are made in quite a different shape than these, and are decorated with raisins. But I fell in love with their shape a few years ago and have made them "my" saffron buns. They are supposed to look like stars, but they really did rise this time and turned out like huge... buns. But at least I know they're stars. And it seems my kids like them just the same. Probably even better, bigger buns means more for their sweet teeth, right?

The kids prefer the stars you see, while I found a new favorite last year. I thought for a while that I had lost the recipe, but to my great joy I found it. In my book with recipes, who would have thought that? I actually jumped up and down with joy when I found them, that's how tasty they are. Saffron buns with a filling of almond paste, vanilla and orange. Soooo yummy! 

They too did rise more then I expected, so my husband stated that we could serve them as a meal, or at least a decent snack. He didn't seem to sad about that, I have to say. The best thing is I don't have to bake as many kind of cakes and cookies for Christmas this year, a bun like this and a ginger bread and anyone will be full! A good thing, since we also have a birthday coming up (my daughter is born on Christmas day, which is alright since we celebrate Christmas Eve here in Sweden) which usually calls for a lot of baking. Just perfect!

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  1. so happy to hear you are feeling better...take it easy so it lasts!!! your buns look so good...we don't follow any of the traditions anymore...there aren't too many over here anyway, but I used to do all the things my mother did when the kids were they at least have a memory...with just the two of us now...and husband doesn't have the same traditions anyway...why bother!!! :) :) :) Latvians have their thing and I had mine and I never quite got the two mixed just so!!!!