Sunday, December 11, 2011

Less messy

Yesterday my hands was hurting so I had to avoid knitting and crochet. They do so from time to time, due to the weather most of the time. So I decided I would do some sewing instead. I'm not very keen on putting my sewing machine on the table, since we're not really the best of friends. But when I tidied my work table the other day, I realized I really needed (and wanted) a place to keep my circular needles. They tend to get so tangled up when you just let them lie around... So I decided to upgrade my DPN organizer to a DPN and circular needle organizer.

So this is what my organizer used to look like. I undid most of the seams to be able to fold it up to a rectangle. Chose two new fabrics that I sewed together and attached to the rectangle, then I started making new pockets for all the needles. 

Now there's room for all my DPN's, circular needles, knit pro's and hooks. Hooray! 

If you ever plan to make an organizer like this, please do yourself a favor and THINK, long and hard, about what you want to keep in it and how big place each thing will need. I thought I had done so, but when I started putting all my things in place, I realized I could have done with less pockets in one size, and more in some other sizes...

But I managed to put it all in there, and they are all so much easier to find now. And I get a much clearer view of what I have. Maybe there won't be enough room in it for all my needles if I keep buying knit pro's for instance, but if I know myself right I won't be too disappointed if I have to make a new organizer when that day comes.


  1. Very nice work. Love the African bag also

  2. Fint det blev, jag gjorde en sådan som nu ligger i butiken men ingen har köpt den.. än. Det är skönt att ha ordning på sina stickor, spar tid :)!

  3. ja just ja... skulle ju också säga; nä jag tycker inte heller att man ska ta för lågt pris för sina saker om man säljer. Det är att nervärdera sig själv. Men det går heller inte att ta riktigt det sakerna verkligen är värda i tid för då är det ingen som köper. Man får försöka hitta en medelväg.