Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some unfinished business

Oh, I know I've been boring lately. Not posting too often, am I? I hoped I would have something fun to show you, but all I seem to have is an endless row of unfinished stuff. No, that's not entirely true. I do have these, I finished them last week. But how much fun are they really?

Cozy and hopefully warm, yes, but not too fascinating. So I guess I have no other choice than to show you some of my unfinished (and in some cases unsatisfying) business. Too many for one post, so let's start with the knitting.

I was tidying the mess (and indeed, a mess it was!) on and around my worktable today, and found some things I had almost forgot about. This mit was one of them. Last winter, I thought I would try making cables. Turned out it was not my best skill, and here it is now. I'm thinking I might give it a second chance, maybe influenced by the first snow that fell here last night. Winter and cables seems right somehow.

The next one is newer. Do you remember the trouble I had, trying to machine felt a purse and a mobile cozy to the right size? Well, this is the too big mobile cozy. I thought I'd keep it for myself, since I have a rather big mobile phone. I thought I would make something colorful, like Swedish kurbits. I really like the way it's turning out, but unfortunately I broke my last felting needle and was unable to finish it. Have to get new ones soon!

This one is the actual custom ordered cozy. This one belongs to the category unsatisfying unfinished business. I managed to get the cozy the right size, but then she wanted the motif of a wolf. Oh my! Never thought it would be so hard to make. I just started needle felting motifs, and I can truthfully say I'm not very good at it. Yet, anyway. I hope to be one day. What you are looking at is supposedly a wolf howling at the moon.

Someone close to me admitted it had looked like a rabbit to him, and he had the courtesy to say so when I had come this far. Thank you! (Love you anyway!) So now it looks like a rabbit to me too. Rabbit or not, I don't really like it. And I really like to be proud of the things I make, especially if they are for someone else. Now I'm thinking about how to make it better. Felting a wolf is so hard since I'm not good enough to make details. And embroidery on such a thick material, in the shape of a cozy seems too hard to do. Grateful for any suggestions! 

This one is something I really long to get started on. This is the first attempt I made at that felted purse with ribbon embroidery that turned out too big. I'm thinking about turning it into a small handbag. I will felt a long handle for it, line it with red, silky fabric and make some embroidery on it. Red. I searched long and hard to find the right pattern, and I think I found it.

When I knit purses and bags for felting, I cast on with a cotton yarn. Then I start knitting with the wool. This way I can sew the bottom together very neatly. On this one I happened to use red cotton, and it looked lovely! Red and gray are winter and Christmas to me. I'm thinking that this tiny little handbag would be perfect for any Christmas related party where you need only a pretty little something for your mobile and maybe your wallet.

This last project is the only one I'm actually working on for the moment. A friend wanted me to make a very special hat for her husband for Christmas. It will look like a brain when it's done. Hopefully!

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you and welcome! Thank you for all the lovely comments on the African Flower bag, I've walked on clouds for days now. I could never imagine that my little how-to would lead so many people to this blog. So do feel welcome, both you who just passes by and those of you who liked it enough to stay with me for a while. I'm very glad to have you, and I hope to find new friends among you!

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