Saturday, January 7, 2012

Color in my life!

 I got some ideas about new projects last night. Yes, I'm that kind of person who works best in late evenings, mornings aren't my thing at all. As you can see, I had some company while sketching a little. As much as I love her, sometimes I find her to be on top of things a little too often. Literally.

She loves to hang out on my creative area, and I guess it's partly my own fault she has to come so close, as you can see there's a bit of a mess there. Constantly. So I guess my sketch book was the only place left for her to relax on. I just thought she took it a little too far when she tried to snuggle with my hand while I was actually sketching... :)

However, I did manage to get a picture taken of my sketch, without any fur appearing in the corners.This is what I started making for my girl. A violet hat, ear-flaps with braids and some flower embroidery. That's the plan. I had to undo several rounds several times to get the size right, the drawback of using non-chunky yarn I guess. And maybe the drawback of always wanting to improvise instead of finding a nice pattern to follow. Nah, too easy and not half the fun! :)

There also was this problem with not having the right yarn in my boxes, and today my darling husband helped me with that. I don't have a driver's license (yet), so he has to take me everywhere I need to go. And today I really needed to go to GarnMalin, a local yarn shop that opened up not far from here in September. I know the owner a little from the shop she used to work in, but today was actually the first time I got a chance to visit her. She has the lovliest little shop, I can tell you. You really should visit her site, just to see it and all the beautiful things she makes.

I bought all the necessities, like yarn for a hat and a headband for me. The three balls above? They are actually for the husband. He wants one of those circular scarves that are so popular here right now. And I'm so happy that he wanted some color. He likes color, so I'm not surprised, but still. We talked about colors in the yarn shop, and the owner agreed with me - people prefer the grays and blacks. Most people won't even buy here gorgeous bags because of one pink rose on a gray bag...

I know that I prefer colors like these, isn't this yarn simply gorgeous? This is the first handspun I have ever had, and I can't wait to get started! As if I didn't have enough projects waiting to be finished already... :) But hey, Variatio delectat, as I learned in the Latin class - variety gives joy! If I want to have a million things going on to switch between and it doesn't stress me out, why should I not? :)


  1. what a wonderful post...and what wonderful plans you have...AND I am green with envy that you have that fabulous yarn shop so close...I would be there all the time sitting in that chair...staring!!! then the lady would call the loonie bin guys and they would take me away...but I would have enjoyed it by then!!!
    that yarn looks yummy...and as far as having a million things going at once...I'm with you girl!!!!
    have a great day

  2. Gooooooorgeous yarn! And it looks supersoft too :)

  3. seems besbärligt with the cat ...