Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Felting ends

 Hi there! Won't stay for long today, it seems I caught whatever my husband had last week so I'm heading back to bed soon. Just wanted to pop by and say something, so I thought I could share a little something I learned the other day. We went to the bookstore with the kids, and I found a basic book about crochet on sale. Brought it home of course. Learned a few things, and this one really came to use immediately. My snöstorps knitting is pretty loose, so when I had to start on the second ball of yarn, I didn't know how to fasten the ends. Then I read about felting ends together. It goes like this:

Pull the fibers apart, approximately 10 cm on both ends. On the new ball and the yarn your knitting at the moment. You might have to cut some of it away, so it doesn't get too bulky. I didn't have to, since some of the fibers fell off during the pulling...

Lay one over the other in your hand, and sprinkle hot water on it.

Start rubbing the ends between your hands, and they will felt together to one single strand. Leave until it's dry. It's worth mentioning that you can only do this with wool that will actually felt, no superwash or other materials.

Since I have virtually no patience at all, I did this right before bedtime, and when I woke up I could start knitting at once. Maybe you knew all about this, but it sure helped me! Now, I'm off to bed again. Oh, almost forgot to tell you. I've finished the snöstorp now. It's done. I only have to add a few buttons, and then I'll show you. Eh, and maybe get a little fresher too, I'm afraid I'm not very photogenic right now, and I want to show you how I plan to wear it. I'll get back to that!


  1. feel better fast you can show us the "stickat"!!!!!!and don't you love all these wonderful tricks and tips that are showing up all over...this felting one is great...there's also another one for yarn that isn't wool...but I can't find it at the moment...take care of yourself....

  2. Great trick! thanks for sharing :)