Monday, January 9, 2012


This weekend, the snow finally decided to come and stay for a while. I'm so happy it did! I joined the husband in the garden earlier today, to feed the birds. I love to sit in the kitchen and watch the birds eat.

I finally finished the beanie I knitted for my son, I think he likes it 'cause he tried it on and I haven't seen him take it off yet, and he's not even outdoors! :)

I've been told pompoms are fashion this winter, so he was very pleased with his beanie. To avoid cold winter winds blowing through his ears, I even lined it. Can't say that the result looks perfect, but hopefully it will keep him warm. I used a fleece blanket I bought really cheap once to make parts of a Santa costume from, but then the thought Santa didn't want to participate in the school show and I could use the blanket for other things.

I even used the machine to attach the lining. It feels like cheating, but I think it would have been hard to get it right and stretchy enough by hand-sewing, so it felt like the right decision.

Yesterday, we took the kids to a science center in a nearby town. I brought yarn and needles to get started on a tube scarf while the kids played, but we actually had so much fun playing around as a family, that I never even picked it up. I got started on it last night though. And I think this scarf is the reason my wrist hurts a little today.

I haven't come that far, but I have knitted a lot! The yarn is so thin, and the scarf is so long I had to cast on 450 stitches! I decreased the number after a few rounds, but 375 stitches on 3 mm needles still take a while to knit... I don't know about you, but striped yarn always keeps me knitting. Just one more color shift... and one more... and... The colors are all wrong in this picture, by the way. It's not really that pink, and it looks like blue but in reality it's gray. My husband gave me Adobe Photoshop for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be able to find a way to correct the colors when I learn how to use it.

I haven't showed you the progress on the violet hat yet, but it looks like nothing more than a violet bowl at the moment so you're not missing out on anything. I think I'll spend some time with it tonight and let the knitting rest for a while to spare my wrist, so maybe I'll have something to show you soon. As for now, I think I'll look at some linings for my crocheted bags, while my sewing machine is still in place. See ya!

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