Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun pens and plans

Hi there! Trying to create a new trend here. A I'll-post-more-often trend. I felt some inspiration and enthusiasm coming over me when the new year started. Maybe I just got tired out by making a lot of things for others, and not so much for me. And I had some projects who didn't turn out as I hoped, which probably pulled me down too. Not that I don't like making things for others, it's just that I've realized something. I've realized that I'm not very Swedish. At least not when it comes to preferences of color and how many flowers you can put into a project. :)

I have spent the two last days updating my Ravelry projects. Both with new projects and the really old ones, the ones I made before I even became a ravelrer. And I realized that I have projects with a very varying color scheme. The things I make when I get to just play around are colorful, preferably red or pink. Or any bright color I have at hand.

Things I make for others are a bit less colorful and stricter, and I think I simply get a little bored, not working with colors that I love. And I guess it puts me down a bit, that people rarely want to bring home the things I've already made, but rather want me to make the same thing but in different colors. I think my Purple and pink african flower bag is a great example here, it's soooo popular on both Ravelry and Flickr. But when I put it up for sale here in Sweden, nobody wants to buy it. Too pink for most people...

Don't get me wrong here, I like to be able to make things for others. Maybe I just have to make sure to get some time to make things that I love. I don't want to be forced to work with colors I don't like, but it's not fun when nobody wants my stuff either. Guess it's just a matter of finding the right audience, and maybe that's something I should start working on this year. Sometimes I play with the thought of getting my own place on Etsy, but so far it's just a thought.

I have also thought about my page on Facebook, and what to make of it. I hoped for more feedback, addressing only those of my friends who care about my crafting. That I would be happier to post my projects when they don't "disturb" those not interested. But I was mistaken. I get almost no feedback at all now. And not very many of my friends have liked the page, so now they don't get to see what I'm doing. Last night I thought I would make up a plan, sketch on what I really want with that page, and how to get there. But I was tired and didn't want to go downstairs to get paper and some fun pens. And who can sketch on plans without fun pens (as in colorful), I ask you? Well not me! Once in university, a guy in my class could tell a certain bag wasn't mine, because of the lack of pens in all colors, that he knew would stick out of my bag... :)

Oh, did you notice another one of my plans? One I didn't need fun pens and paper for. Not even a list. (I love making lists!) I have decided to try to show more of my true self here in the blog. And for that, I need smileys! Sometimes my posts sound more serious than they are, simply because you can't hear the irony in my voice or see the smile on my face. I had chosen not to use smileys before, to keep my text... I don't know what really? Clean? Maybe I've taken too many university classes, and now I think I have to keep that "standard" in everything I write? Haha!

By the way, when I mentioned my unability to make up plans without my pens for my husband last night, he laughed and said I should have a blog for that kind of statements too. It would be fun to read, he said. So I guess that shows that I've been way too serious here, and that you all have missed out on a big part of me. The crazy and lazy part! ;) So now you have something to look forward too, you lucky people!

Well, this is becoming a novel shortly, so I think I rather stop writing. Take care, and see you all soon! And that's a promise this time!

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  1. Interesting! really makes you think how dull is most of the people (no ofence :P).
    Your pink african flower bag is just perfect as it is! lovely combination of colours, goes straight to my to do list :)