Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm anxious about this one

I started a new project last night, surprise! I am almost half way done, but I still don't know if this will be a success or a failure. I love the pattern, tried it a long time ago but misinterpreted and ended up with a very dense scarf, remember this one Marilyn? Well, this time I am doing it right. But my yarn is twice as bulky as that in the pattern...

It sure looks pretty enough, but it will probably be terribly warm, which is a problem for me since I get belly ache when I'm too warm. I know, I am strange... :) Also, I want my two skeins to be enough, and by the look of things, the wrap will have to be stretched out a bit to go all the way around me. It's rather impossible to know if it will look good before it's finished, and I would really hate to knit it all just to realize it won't fit or that it looks stupid. But what else can I do then to keep knitting, frowning with a pounding heart. I really, really want this to turn out great, and I'm so afraid it won't.

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  1. how does it go again....(catch a loop, make a loop, knit a loop and stitch together) I remember it well and I hope yours turns out for looks so pretty...if it doesn't work, it's a good excuse to go and get some more pretty yarn...:) :) :)
    have a good weekend my friend...hope the sun shines on you.