Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 I've started on this big project. Well, maybe not so big really, but it feels big. I intend to line all the bags I've crocheted, and since sewing isn't what I do best, I'm a little shaken by the thought. Maybe that's why I've been postponing it...

Last summer I made this little green handbag, and to be honest it looked rather dull. It could use a flower or two, and a few months ago I decided on a rosebud fabric for the lining. The crocheted flower was a new thought too, which I decided on even before that. I had it lying around as a brooch after trying to sell it on the Harvest Feast, so it wasn't too much work involved. I just didn't happen. Told you I'm lazy... :)

 I must admit I like it way better like this. I guess I care too much about what other people think, which makes me create things that I find a bit boring myself. This is definitely more me. Not sure that it would attract more buyers if I tried to sell it, but I've come to think of the things I make as adoptable, not for sale. I want the things I make to be loved and cherished. Used. That's the greatest joy. And hopefully, someone will see this bag one day, fall in love with it and want to bring it home.

This time I hand stitched the lining. And I even managed to get the seam straight. What a lucky day! Or night actually, that's when I'm at my best. I'm in love with this fabric, I felt pure happiness stitching it to my little bag. So, so very pretty! So pretty I almost want to keep it for myself, but I certainly do not need another little bag... Wouldn't give it away to just anybody though, this bag has to be loved! :)

Almost forgot the before-picture. Not that interesting, if you ask me...


  1. Brosher med säkerhetsnål på är ju bra så kan man byta Blomma/färg, eller ngt annat om man vill kunna ändra utseendet på väskan, ngn dag lite tråkigare, ngn dag vill man kanske festa till det lite mer..

  2. Yes yes, you're right - it looks MUCH more interesting with the flower and the lining :D