Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little knitting

Yesterday afternoon, I sat here waiting. And waiting. Watching the darkness closing in on me every minute, then finally - there he was! I ran outside with the camera, shouted "Freeze!" and snapped a few pictures. Phew, I made it! Taking decent pictures in daylight literally means you haven't got all day... :) I didn't even get him time to finish unloading the car... Hence the backpacks and the open trunk.

This is what I have been knitting lately. A tube scarf for my darling. He wanted one, and who am I to say no to those pretty eyes? You should know, he's struggling hard to look good for you here. He is a man with many talents, but looking relaxed on a picture unfortunately is not one of them. :) 

He picked the colors, but I wish we had used a different yarn. This curls up terribly, and makes the scarf look too thin. If we ignore that fact, it looks great on him. Even if our son said it looked feminine... As you almost can see, this is a scarf knitted as a tube, that is in the round, without ends. Then you just wrap it around the neck as many times as you want. Or can. More then three times is not recommended on this scarf though, if you want to be able to breathe too. It turned out it was a good thing that I made myself that ear-warmer, since I won't get to use my beanie anymore.Yes, it is (used to be?) mine. He had only gray ones, so he had to borrow it.

Speaking of my ear-warmer, another good thing with that project turning out so great is that I really want matching mitts. And as so happened, I had an unfinished project from last winter that would work, so I finished it today. It was easily done, once I had figured out how I was supposed to continue with the cable. This was my first attempt knitting cables and the first mitt was just left without any notes or clues to how I had made it.

I apparently did figure it out, and even got a little wiser doing it. Hooray! The second one was knitted in a rush (when I was supposed to clean the house, but didn't), and now I am not taking them off. My fingers get terribly cold this time of the year, even indoors.

I didn't figure out how to get them in the same picture easily, so you have to admire them one at a time! :)

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  1. Så snygg halsduk - vad snäll han är som ställer upp och poserar ;)
    Jättefina torgvantar med!