Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My new favorite!

I'm so happy to be blogging today! First of all, since I've been very tired lately and haven't had the energy to do anything, really. Feel much better today though. Secondly, 'cause I have something pretty to show you! Oh, I hope you find it pretty too, maybe I shouldn't just assume that... ;) But I know for sure this is my new favorite!

Tadah! It's an ear-warmer, made by me for myself with love. :) I often wear my hair high up on my head, which makes it hard to wear a regular hat or beanie of any kind. So I figured out that what I needed was an ear-warmer. A big, soft, warm one. With color and a huge flower. It's really easy to make, but maybe I'll make some kind of pattern for it anyway. I haven't decided yet.

(Can you see that my eyes seem to have the same color as the door to our food cellar behind me? Didn't know they were that gray...)

When I went to the yarn shop recently, I bought two balls of this super soft, super bulky wool yarn. It's called DROPS Eskimo, and I love it! It's so soft and works up really fast. I could make several of these ear-warmers in one night, for sure. And I want to. I want to make several in different, happy colors. And I want to make mittens, and fingerless gloves in matching colors. And it goes perfectly with my coat, don't you think? I am so pleased with this! Can you tell? :) I even changed my profile picture to one of these pictures, that's how much I like it.

Bye bye for now, hopefully I'll be back soon with pictures of something else I finished the other day - a tube scarf for my husband. You know, that beige and pink thing in my basket... I just have to catch my darling in the daylight to take a decent picture of him wearing it, and hopefully I can make that happen. I will also try to write down my African Flower bag pattern in Swedish, some anonymous people asked me to. (I wish you rather had e-mailed me, to make sure you get hold of the pattern... I hope you'll be back to find it when I'm done.)


  1. you do look very very happy...which is just wonderful!! It looks so cold and wintery, but you look warm and rosy!! I have some more chunky wool...maybe I'll make an ear warmer for a friend who lives in the Upper MidWest where it's getting very cold...hhmmmmm!

  2. Älskar de där rosorna! Så fint på pannbandet!