Monday, January 30, 2012

Our little cruise

Here we go, today I brought my phone to the computer and uploaded all my pictures. Sorry about the other day, I was simply so tired and sour after vacuuming and tidying half the house, that I just didn't want to make the effort when I realized the cruise photos was on the phone upstairs...

This is the ship, Viking Cinderella. The association (civilförsvarsförbundet) had rented the whole thing for us, and here it is coming in for a quick stop before we could board. Which we almost didn't...

My husband's "boss" had booked us on this cruise in September already, and was told we only needed ID to board. Once in check-in, everybody else had a booking number, and my husband was nowhere to be found on the passenger list... We began thinking that we might have to book a hotel room and spend the night in Stockholm instead. But they got us a cabin eventually, and food tickets too... We even offered to stand in the kitchen, eating the leftovers from the plates if only we could get on board... ;)

We walked to the terminal from the train station, in wind and snow. My precious earwarmer was truly put to the test! My face was almost as red as my coat once we got inside! :)

So this little place of ours felt almost as good as heaven, warm and... well maybe not too cozy, but at least we were finally on board, and the cabin even had a window. For a moment, I feared that the black straps was there to keep me from falling down from the bed in rough sea, but I guess it was only to keep the bed linen in place when the bed was folded up against the wall... :)

And who cares about small cabins when you get to spend some time away from house and chores with the one you love?

A really bad picture through a window at night, I know... Can you see me? ;) But the capital looked so pretty with all the lights, I just had to try and catch it with the lens. I might add that most of the pictures are taken as a documentation for our kids when we got home, they were pretty curious about it all. Picture quality was secondary.

The night was spent with hugs from my husbands friends, listening to speeches (the association celebrated 75 years), a fancy dinner and lots of talking to interesting people. Unfortunately my husband came down with a pretty nasty fever during the night, and I was a bit dizzy and uncomfortable (I'm honestly quite scared of deep waters, and had a hard time trying to relax) so we didn't get too much sleep I'm afraid. But morning came with the view of another country, since we made a quick stop in Åland, a Finnish island not far from Stockholm. We remained there only during breakfast time, so we never made the effort to get on shore. So this breakfast view is all you will see of our destination. I guess these cruises are mainly for getting people to dance, spend money in the bar, eat expensive food and buy stuff in the tax-free shop. Which we did, candy and clothes for the kids to be specific. The destination is of less importance...

 My phone adapted to the surroundings by jumping to Finnish time, which got us confused a few times. Especially since it wouldn't jump back to Swedish by itself... So I found this clock rather cool, don't you? :)

After having a few pills, Anders felt well enough to participate in a CPR contest. He's a bit blurry, but that's only because he's fighting so hard to get this poor man back to life.

They stated that the winner would be the one who got the doll up walking... You don't need a cardiac arrest to find that hard without arms and legs, if you ask me.

There was not much of an open sea, since most of the cruise take place among all the little islands in the archipelago of Stockholm. Lot's of nice (as in expensive) houses though. 

Not the kind of weather  that makes you want to stand on sun deck to long though, a few snap shots for the kids and quickly inside again!

 We had lunch by the front window, which was quite nice. A little cold though, due to the weather. (I might add that we didn't walk back to the station in Stockholm, we took the bus this time. Expensive, yes, but worth every crown!)

Our son had ordered us to take pictures of our food, so we did. I loved the apple pickled herring, I have to say. Lovely!

And finally we sailed (or whatever you do on a big ship) through Stockholm again. Our capital is surely something else, sitting on the water as it is. I haven't been there much, but we're thinking about going back this summer.

Well, that's it! We took the train back to a freezing cold night, and in the morning the kids declared their new clothes from the tax-free their favorites. :) It was a nice trip with some time "alone" (or at least away) even though my husband was ill. Getting the opportunity to sit and talk without interruption, or walk hand in hand admiring the view, just appreciating each others company is not to be underestimated!

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