Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quite a week

Sometimes time moves very fast, and this week really disappeared in a hurry. Maybe because it's been more busy than I'm used to.

It started off great - my husband was invited on a cruise by an association where he works extra as an instructor in CPR, helping kids to know what to do if they get lost in the woods, avoiding accidents in your own home and stuff like that. It was all for free, and I was also invited! So we took the train to the capital on Sunday, almost didn't board since we were missing on the passenger list, but finally took off for an overnight cruise to Åland. Nice dinner, very interesting people and I also got to meet some of his friends from far away parts of our country.

(This is where I meant to show you a picture from the cruise, but all the pictures are on my phone and won't bother to go get it...)

We had a very nice time, even though my husband came down with a fever... He's the one who always remains standing when the rest of the family is coming down with something, but he even had to stay at home for a few days. I think a few bugs jumped over to me too, 'cause I've been really tired, cold and a little dizzy this week. Actually I was so cold, I almost scared my love half to death one night, by accidentally touching him with a foot as cold as ice. He was asleep, but sat up in terror trying to find that creepy, cold thing in his bed... :-S Ooops! :) Poor guy!

I brought a lot of yarn, since we had to spend some time on the train (and I honestly thought I would be sitting in a corner on the boat while my husband talked to his friends about things I wasn't too interested in), but the time was spent talking, solving nonograms (those Japanese crosswords that create images) and I simply had too much fun on the boat to even think about knitting. This little piece is all I made, waiting for the train on the way home.

This is how I spent the morning after the cruise. Birdwatching. That pole has a bird feeder on it, in the shape of a red cottage. But most birds look for food on the ground. Especially two kinds, the European goldfinch and the yellowhammer. I have also tree sparrow, blue tit and great tit, nuthatch and sometimes the blackbird passes by to get some apple. Occasionally the woodpecker pays a visit, and I have a few willow tits I think... And of course the magpie takes a walk around the place, scaring the little ones away. What birds do you see around your feeders? I miss the bullfinch though, always saw a lot of them in the woods where I grew up, but I have only seen them here on the fields once.

And look here, I'm on it again. Snöstorp. Hopefully I'm on the right track this time. I have to get going a little further to see how much it stretches out, but it looks promising. Last time I tried I used 9 mm needles, and I thought I would need at least 12 mm to make a difference but I was wrong.

That 1 mm made a big difference, this piece isn't that dense as my last try. And I think I will need less yarn too, so I might have enough.

Oh, speaking of yarn, I almost forgot. Wednesday, I was invited by my aunt to a yarn inspiration night at GarnMalin, that lovely yarn shop not far from here. She had invited a few friends, and we could just walk around with the shop all to ourselves, trying out yarns and ideas, test knitting and talking. I loved every minute of it! The lady who owns the store is such a sweet thing, so kind, caring and positive. She loves to share her patterns and ideas, and she is very encouraging. Yes, we had a great night with a lot of laughter and knitting.

Well folks, I think I have done enough writing for one day here... trying to keep you updated. :) Let's hope I have some progress to show on the Snöstorp next time!

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  1. uumm...hope you feel like loading the phone photos on for the next post...would love to see where you went!! So glad you had a good time and got a little break...I have most of the same birds you do at my feeder...we have Red Cardinals and Blue Jays too...and chickadees and purple martins...lots and lots come by and eat the seeds...I love to watch them while I'm in the kitchen...and of course the geese and the ducks, but we don't feed them...only if it's really really cold and the lake freezes over.
    wish we had a yarn shop to go to...but we don't!!! enjoy you new lift a stitch make a stitch...I'm sure it will work this time... :)x