Monday, February 20, 2012

Flowers in gray

Hi there, remember me? The kid's had a break from school last week, and as usual when they stay at home I don't get my blogging done... But today everything is back to normal, which means they are in school and I get my computer time.

So, what's new here? I'm afraid I don't have too much to show you... There are some birthdays coming up and some projects to go with them, but I  can't show you since it might spoil the surprise for someone...

I've also had some wonderful time with my family, we visited my mum and went skiing/sledding/hot dogs-eating  the other day, but we need to download the pictures from my dad's camera. I was in charge of the fire place, a good place to be on a pretty chilly day. But we all had a great time together, me and my family, my parents, my brother and sister with her family. Loved it!

There has also been a lot of lying on the bed, aching, but I didn't take a picture of that... ;)

What I can show you is this:

One of those projects that never seems to get finished... But I finally attached the shoulder strap in the beginning of last week, now all I have to do is look for some buttons to decorate the strap with, and some kind of snap to close the bag with. Always avoid zippers when I can! Too tricky for my liking. I've decided not to line this one. Since I'm not using a zipper and it's felted, I see no need to. Besides, I couldn't find a pretty fabric to go with it, and it would certainly need a pretty lining.

Oh, and look here! This project is actually growing now. It's been only one single flower for such a long time I thought I would never make progress with it. But now I think I'm ready to continue with the rest of the bag.

You can see the original plan on my note pad, I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing but I hope you can see that it's a bag. Hmmm.... I just noticed that the sketch has four flowers in front, I've only made six... But I think that's enough. Now I just need to figure out how I want to put it all together. And I have so many other plans right now, I could easily start a new project every day from all the ideas I have spinning in my head. But I won't. I hope. Need to get some things finished first.

Oops, need to go! My daughter will be home any minute now, and she always want the computer when I have it. :) Be back soon, I promise!

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