Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's tadah!

Here it is. It is finished! I finally have my precious shawl in Snöstorps-knitting! And I really like it. If you wonder about the buttons, we'll get down to that shortly. Or, you'll get down to that. I mean, it's further down. ;) (Trying to be funny. Was I? Not really? Ah, well...)

I bought the buttons for a very low price at a craft fair we visit every summer, in a nearby town called Hjo. Right by the lake Vättern, very pretty town. Anyway, here are some close ups, 'cause I really want you to understand why I wanted this shawl in this technique so badly. Isn't it pretty?

 The yarn is a little on the chunkiest end of what I would like to use though, but I fell for the colors. Plus it was on sale. :) The good thing is that it worked up really quickly.

OK, so now to the reason for the buttons. The original shawl was sewn to a poncho like shape, which I liked. But I have a belly problem. It aches when I get too warm. So I thought, that if I added buttons instead of stitching, I would be able to unbutton it when I'm getting warm. Genious, right? ;) And, I can use it in many more shapes. Ready for a whole bunch of pictures? Ready or not, here they come!

I'm not really comfortable in front of the camera. I worked with the timer, but the 10 seconds of waiting just made me stiff and even more uncomfortable. So I changed it to 2 seconds. Just push the button and run in front of the camera, no time to stiffen up here! (Sorry if you get sea-sick, I never manage to get the tripod straight...)

So much more fun! For me, anyway... :) And a change of scenery too, the sun (!) was giving me too much trouble downstairs. Poncho it is. But if you turn one of the ends once and then button the short ends together...


... you get a Moebius shawl. If you get too warm or just want to feel a bit more casual, just unbutton and wear it over your shoulders.

I look a little weird on this picture, but I do on most pictures so I don't mind. I'm quite pleased with the rest of them, so this one is on me. :) You can choose just to use one button, and make a funny face talking to a camera...

 Or you could be a little crazy and wear it like a tie. Or maybe not... Let's move on!

Cold neck? You can use it as a scarf too, you know. Nice and warm!

Even warm your head, a little movie star feeling here I think.

And you can even wear it as a hat. :) Haha, I think maybe we should stop right here, and maybe I should go back to bed?!

Well, I was going to anyway. Not to rest this time, but to knit and/or crochet something. I have so many ideas right now, I don't know where to start. And as I was feeling better and better, I kept carrying more and more yarn upstairs, so now I think I have more yarn beside my bed than in my crafting area, where it should be. And I have a nice, warm blanket up there too, which I appreciate today when it's below -10 C outside. I think it was even down to -17 C this morning. Brrr! Maybe I should finish the scarfs I'm making my kids, in case the cold is here to stay for a while. See ya!


  1. you goofy girl!!! what a lovely bunch of photos of you... and your..."slip a stitich, knit a stitch" gorgeous...and having so many ways to wear it is genius...that yarn really worked after all didn't it?
    hope the cold doesn't last too long...we aren't having winter this year it seems...oh well, no complaints here!! enjoy your warm bed...!

  2. Vad härlig - och så många användningsområden ;)

  3. This is inspiring! I never though a shawl could be worn in so many ways!