Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loose ends

 Haven't done much today. Done some laundry. Sat down on the bed to weave in some loose ends on some crochet I've made.

They're part of a plan, a plan to get some color on my window sills without spending a fortune on plants with bright flowers, that will just last a few days and then die on me. They always do. My plan is to make bright pots instead, and fill them with green plants of that kind that don't usually die on me. And not to spend a fortune, since I'm planning to let my already existing plants become parents. I'll get back to that.

 I was planning to get some felt and some pots out and be creative, but my back was so sour after weaving in those ends that I had to take it easy for a while. Thought about this body of mine, it's lacking some in strength, endurance and health, that's for sure. Which sometimes limits my life. That's why I don't work. That's why I don't get as much done as I would like to sometimes. Don't get me wrong here, I don't want to complain and I don't want anybody to pity me. I'm doing OK most of the time, and I do have a good life. It's just that I sometimes feel that I want more of life, that I want to make a difference. Even the slightest difference.

So I grabbed my notebook and started to think. (I didn't have fun, colored pens at hand, so I compensated that by writing fun, ornate letters.:) Worked just as well!) What matters in life? What kind of difference can I make with what I have at hand right now, like my crafting? In general and specifically? I don't know if I had any new thoughts, but it felt good to spell it out and to see that I can actually make something good with this. No big changes, just being a little bit more aware of what I do and why, and maybe a little change in focus. Being more positive for instance. More encouraging. Trying to inspire more, and encourage others to be more creative. Maybe teach someone how to be creative. I know it brings me a lot of joy, and I want to share that feeling with others, who might think they can't. Be creative, I mean. To take what you have and make something of it.

Well, I had some good thoughts, and I guess only time will show if they will make a difference. I hope it will shine through, both here on the web and in real life. I started this blog as a tool to find out what I'm good at, what I like to do and what I want in life. Now that I've found a hobby that I really love, and become more creative than I thought I ever could be, I want to use it in the best way I can. And it actually feels a little like weaving in another loose end... :)


  1. Seeing this I'm starting to feel the urge of crocheting :) which weight is the yarn you used for this? DK or aran/worsted?

    1. Hm... Probably closer to DK. We don't talk about yarn weights here in Sweden, more length and gauge. Plus I have lost the labels... :) But I have some similar yarn that is approx 140 m on 50 g, and 24-26 stitches on 10 cm with 3 mm needles (knitting, that is). I really need to learn the weights, it confuses me every time! But I used a 3 mm hook, so definitely not aran!

    2. Yep with a 3 mm hook then probably is DK, thanks! :)