Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A lot going on

Here I am, ready to show you what I've been up to lately. I've been pretty tired from time to time, so I haven't done too much, and I couldn't show you the things I was actually working on since they were a birthday gift for a friend who happens to read this blog. I think... :) Anyway, she had told me that she would appreciate a shawl for her birthday, so I made her a couple. First out was this knitted one. It's an acrylic yarn and I chose it for it's color since the receiver loves army green and camouflage. Didn't find any camouflage yarns, so this had to do.

 I used a pattern, Boneyard Shawl by Stehpen West, a really nice and easy pattern. The yarn came in a 200 g skein, and I used all of it. I would have liked to make it a little bigger, but buying another huge skein seemed to much. But it turned out great. The yarn is called Duo from Järbo garn.

The second shawl is a triangular lover's knot shawl. Surprised, anyone? :)

I also made her a card. It took some time to make, I don't do cards very often anymore so I kind of loose my feeling between the ones I make. But I like how it came together. I know the picture is of really bad quality, sorry! I forgot (didn't have the time really) to take a picture of it at home, so this one is taken with a friends phone in the dark at the party... Good quality or not, I like to document everything I make for future inspiration. The numbers up in the corner is a little card that my daughter made, sitting next to me at the crafting table. 

I have been taking it easy with the needlework for a few days, since I have some problems with my hands and arms at the moment. But I did start on a new project yesterday. A bolero for my daughter. I can't share the pattern since it's from a magazine, but it's made as a rectangle that you sew together. I will show you when I'm getting there.

A friend asked me to make her a shawl, and I went to the yarn shop yesterday (the one in town, not the cozy one nearby) and I happened to be carrying this when we walked out of there... Well, not all of the books, I bought them elsewhere. On sale. Love that! Some of the yarn was on sale too. I already had some of that chunky yarn, but needed more to make something of it, and it was really cheap! Some of the cotton was on sale too, the red, yellow, orange and turqoise. (Which is used in the bolero.) I'll make something for my girl, I think. 

The rest of the cotton is thought to be a bag or two, together with some other colors I already had at home. I feel that I should use up most of my stash, and these will come in handy. My husband said that it was a bit strange that I had to buy more yarn to be able to use up my scraps before buying "new" yarn. I don't understand? Of course I have to buy more yarn, I always have to! ;)

So I have a lot on my mind, I just hope my body behaves and lets me get on with it!

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