Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nothing much

I just have to show you, don't you just love these colors? I helped my daughter organizing her beads yesterday, until we realized that the little boxes with tiny compartments was not the best solution for her. So we simply disorganized all the tiniest beads into this box. We had organized them in colors, and when we poured them all into the box, we were both struck by the beauty of the colors. Like a summer meadow! And like a true blogger, I went for my camera... :)

 Oh, and look here, I finally remembered to take a picture of the scarfs I made a while ago. I also got the permission to share the picture of the... scarfs... Can't be too careful about what you share on the www, you know! ;)

I made them both with a few rows of garter stitch (knitted in the round) followed by plain knitting and then some garter stitch in the end. Thought it would work out, every time. And every time the curled up... When I made the one for the... ooops, that was a close one, I'm not allowed to say that... Hrrm... When I made the black and white one :) it stayed nice and flat for a long time. I actually thought I had succeeded, but as soon as I got to the finishing garter stitching, it curled up to something looking a lot like a camouflaged snake... But the owners love them anyway, so who am I to complain? But if I ever make a new one, I will make it differently. Maybe garter stitch all the way. But it's a practical scarf, it stays in place since you don't have any ends that can slip off or constantly get in your way.  Can't be perfect all the time! ;)


  1. I hope the invisible man didn't choke in there...aren't kids funny!!!?? mixing the beads is very pretty...I see a poppy or maybe a rose in there...what does she make with all those beads?

    1. Haha, no the invisible man is alive and well. He also declares that he prefers to be called "Shadow", only he keeps saying it wrong and calls himself "Zero"... :) Tricky thing, foreign languages! :)
      Elsa makes bracelets mostly, takes more patience than she has to complete a necklace! :)