Thursday, February 9, 2012

Potholder mystery solved

My original plan was to make myself a pair of mittens today. And keep knitting on my nephews' mitts. Instead I found myself on my bed again, with cotton and hooks this time.

And I am proud to say that I finally figured out how to make my favorite potholders. I have tried before and failed, so I'm quite pleased now. I'm also thinking about sharing the pattern, since I've looked for it all over the web with no success. Which means I am about to crochet my very first potholder! :-D Haha! Big moment, right? And the very best thing about all this is that I can use up some of my old cotton yarn that I saw no use for. See, I don't like to keep buying more yarn all the time, when I have a few stuffed boxes of yarn that I never use. Maybe that's a goal? To use up all that "useless" yarn? Maybe... I'll start with some potholders for the pattern post!

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