Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday and flowers

It feels like I haven't been in here for ages... It's been a busy week! I usually sit at home every day, but last week I got to see the world for five days in a row! :) No big things though, a few visits at my husbands childhood home, church and stuff like that. But I liked getting out and meet people!

We also had people here yesterday, my family to be specific. They came over to celebrate my husband, who got a little older the other day... I had some plans to knit him a few things for his birthday, but since my hands were hurting last week (but a lot better now), he received a gift still on the needles and a little gift bag that I made. 

I often get compliments for my hand writing when I make cards, but there's really nothing to it. I usually write just as ordinary as anybody else, but for those special occasions I have a book to look in. It contains all kinds of different alphabets, and I simply copy them. Easier than it looks like, I can assure you! But I love the way it turns out most of the time. Best of all, these alphabets look great even if you don't write in even lines!

I've been trying to craft in other ways with my hurting hands, so I made this pimped pot the other day. Just sewed some felt together and glued some felt hearts that I cut out from scraps on it. I hurt a little though, my left hand didn't really want to hold on to anything. Guess I've been holding on to the knitting needles to tightly lately! So I've tried to stay positive, appreciating what I can do.

Today I felt that I had energy enough to start replanting my indoor plants. I started with the geraniums. They moved to clay pots, and I used some old saucers my mum gave me. I love them! Only wish I had more... I am planning to take cuttings from a lot of my plants, and I so wish I could put them all on pretty saucers! Either way, I hope to be able to continue tomorrow. Better not overdo it, as I usually do, and use up all energy in one day. I would regret that! So tomorrow I´ll be replanting... hmmm, perhaps suckulents. But now I better get dinner started!

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