Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crochet pots

It turned out to be a good thing, that I forgot to take this picture yesterday. Or I wouldn't have had anything to show you today... The planting business was a bit too intense, I guess, 'cause my poor body didn't want to hear about it today. So no planting, just a hot, foamy bath and looking through the seed catalog, trying to decide what to buy. Not so bad after all, hey? :) It took some effort to really appreciate it (since I truly was in mood for some planting), but then I honestly felt grateful for simple things as bath foam and garden dreams. It's been a good day this far!

This is what I forgot to show you yesterday. Recognize the tins covered in crochet? They really brighten up the window sill with all their colorful stripes. They even look better than I thought they would. I love when that happens!

Maybe I'll still get a few plants in new soil and pots today, as the kids wanted to join in when they realized what I had been up to. So I'll help them out when they get home from school, trying not to overdo it. I tend to get carried away, but my body needs a break every now and then. And sometimes it's so hard to listen when it tells me to stop what I'm doing! When I'm in the mood for something, I want to do it now! :) Well, my son is just like me, so I better put some plants on the kitchen table before he arrives... See ya!


  1. I love playing with my house plants too...when the kids were little every Sunday afternoon was my time to water and prune and fu fu the plants while they were outside it's whenever they need a bath and a drink...but I don't have any sweaters on my pots!!! what a lovely sunny windowsill that is...the plants are sure to do well there...don't over do it...listen to your knows!!!

  2. Love the stripey crochet pots - what a bright and cheery idea for the windowsill! Ah, I made the same mistake out in the garden this week too - got carried away and did too much and now having to rest up. So instead of planting, I've drawn up a garden plan and distracting myself with a little bit of crochet:)) Take care of you x

  3. hihi vilka söta,
    det verkar som vårkänslorna börjar spira hemma hos dig :)