Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A cup of...

Yes, I am still replanting, still taking cuttings. And for some reason, I find ordinary pots boring. And I haven't been able to craft as many as I wanted, so I started to look around and went with an idea I got the other day. Super cute, if you ask me!

I didn't want to ruin the cup in any way, so I took some precautions. I used some plastic film to cover the inside of the cup, don't want any stains from the soil. And some drainage, also to lift the inner pot a little and create some space between the cup and the pot.

And, of course, a little plant in a little plastic pot with holes in the bottom.

Put the pot in the cup, and there you have it! I made two of these, and on this one I cut the plastic around the edge, on the second one I just folded it down and I think that looked better. You probably could hide the plastic more, but I am terribly messy when I water my plants, so I really need the protective film to go all the way up!

I just remembered that I meant to take a few more pictures to show you (of something else), but I'll just save that for another day. Now I have three little girls here, and I have a feeling they will want a snack soon... See you later!

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