Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hi there!

I'm sitting on the couch, in the sunshine, with some embroidery. My elbow has been pretty upset today, but I hope to be able to make at least a few stitches.
The house is all quiet, just the clock on the wall ticking. The rest of the family took the bikes and went for a ride. They brought some cookies and a friend along, and I hope they have a lovely time together. I was left behind since I've been suffering from a nasty cold the past few days. Sneezing and coughing...
Just wanted to show you I'm still alive... ;)

1 comment:

  1. tack för din kommentar hos mig :)
    Vilket fint broderi du gör! Ser fram emot att se det när det blir klart. Tänk snart ser det ut sådär i trädgårdarna... rosor i blom mmmm. Inte utan att man längtar.