Monday, March 19, 2012

A little bored

I admit it. I'm getting bored. I miss knitting and crocheting now, so I'm trying to start again, slowly... Two rows of knitting and a little crochet on Saturday, four rows of knitting today. I long to finish this bolero, and it's not really much left to do. Maybe six more rounds before binding off, and then a little ribbing for the arms. I hope I can take it slowly enough, not upsetting any joints or nerves or what ever has been wrong with my arms lately.

 I know exactly when I stopped being bored today. It was as soon as I saw this beauty in the corner of my garden. Investigating the compost, moving slowly along the border between lawn and field. Passing just a few meters from my kitchen window. Grazing a little, then climbing up the earth cellar and walking out of sight.

Who can watch that, and then go back to being grumpy? Well, not me anyway. I sat in my sunny window upstairs, trying to get a second look. Then got started on the laundry, of all things! :)

There's a chance I'll get bored again though, so I think I'll look up the possibilities of making some clothing for my kid from t-shirts or something like that. My creative nerve is forcing me to do something!

1 comment:

  1. förstår att du blir uttråkad, hoppas det ordnar sig så du kan skapa! Visst är rådjur fina :) hos mig får de komma och äta tulpaner så mycket de vill!