Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh my!

It's been almost a week already? Since I wrote my last post I mean... Well, obviously time flies! Not that I've been having too much fun really, quite the opposite. I was down with that cold for almost a week, and right after that the weather change messed my entire body up. It does that to me sometimes. Going from sunny and warm with clear blue skies to gray and cold and snowy makes my poor body ache. Normally just for an hour or so, but not this time. Too big change I guess. But I try to keep my spirits high, knowing there will be better days. :) Sometimes I manage to keep my chin up, sometimes not.

But anyway, the sun is showing it's yellow face today, reminding me that it is really spring, snow or no snow. (We had some during the night, but it's already gone. Almost April, so it's no surprise the weather changes quickly.) The grass is getting greener, and so are some of the bulbs on the trees and bushes. And my window sills. I've told you about my project, replanting all my plants. And taking cuttings, separating some plants to make more, well I can tell you my window sills are packed full now! And I love walking from window to window, watching the tiny new leaves on the cuttings...

... and on the older plants that was cut down rather drastically! :) I don't usually tend to my plants too much, some people are amazed they even survive under my so called care... But I had to give them new soil this year, to keep some from dying. And they seem to appreciate it. I had so big plans about making colorful creations for my plastic pots, as the one with the hearts below, but my body obviously needed a break so there is not much crafting going on here. I'm really too tired, and my arms are too tired. But there are other things to do. Like laundry... ;) I'm not complaining, simply explaining why there is nothing crafty to see here right now. Some other day hopefully...

Oh, but this is kind of crafty, right? That's all I'm up to at the moment. Cross stitching. Bought this years ago, and have been working on it every now and then, when the mood kicks in. I'm almost done with it now, only a few more daisies to make. 

I really have enjoyed this embroidery, as you can see there are more stitches than only cross stitch in it, but I'll show you more when it's done.

I truly hope to get some energy back soon, and I truly hope my arms will heal so I can make something pretty (or ugly, or whatever really, as long as I get to make something :) ) to show you. Take care, and stay positive and appreciative about the good things in life. It's a great gift you know, even when we have bad days!


  1. you don't have to make things for us to come over and see's nice to see all the other things you do besides the knitting and the embroidery...I used to do that a lot. When my oldest was born, we could buy kits in the supermarkets!!! and I bought the pillows and made our first pillows for the was the '70s so it was all groovy and psychedelic man!!!! wish I still had them...they'd be worth a fortune with all the vintage rage going on!!! hope your body gets back to it's old self...not that you're that old!!! you know what I mean...enjoy the sunshine and I can't wait to see the stitching ...