Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's a bolero!

 I am so, so very grateful! I've been able to knit and crochet a little again, and I love it! My arms do get tired and a little achy, so I will be careful not to do too much, but I can do it! :)

So yesterday I sat down with Elsa's bolero, since she's been asking about it. Every time I've lifted it up from the basket, she's been asking "is it done?" with great expectations in her voice... And now it is done. And she seems to like it, wouldn't you say? It's made in a very soft cotton, so I kind of understand her.

I think it's really pretty, with those leaves on the back. And yet so very simple to make.

 It could be done with any pattern on the back, of course. If I ever make another one, I'm thinking about hearts. But we'll see... I believe it's rather easy to find this leaf pattern, I have it in two of my books. I'm afraid I don't have a pattern for the whole bolero, since I found it in a Swedish magazine...

But the basic design is really simple. It's a huge rectangle with ribbing in both ends. Then you pick up some stitches for the arms on each side and knit some more ribbing. To be specific, this bolero is approximately 60 cm wide and 54 cm high (without stretching it), the ribbing up and down is 11 cm (k2, p2). The arms are 23 cm wide and 4 cm long. It's a little big for my girl of seven, but not much.

 When you've come this far, you only fold it double and stitch it together. Both my husband and my daughter asked, "where's the hole?"... :)

Here it is! Do you get the design? So simple to make, and yet it looks really good on.

 I'm so happy I made this. The yarn was bought on sale, and I used up almost five balls (50 g each), which was all I had... Perfect project, I have to say! Very, very pleased with it! :)


  1. and in my favourite colour too!!! you are so clever...I'm still not sure how you did it...but I'll stare at it a little longer and it will reveal don't do too you can do more!!

  2. Åh så snygg! Och hon verkar verkligen nöjd ;)

  3. So cute and simple! I think I'm making it to every girl I know!