Monday, April 16, 2012

A little more crochet

I worked a little on the shawl last night. Probably too much if you ask my arms, but I felt I had to. I was sad and really needed to do something therapeutic with my hands. It's a roller coaster ride right now, both the mood and the pain is going up and down, back and forth. Mostly going for the better though. The challenge is to stay positive. And not do too much, but I'm not very good at that. I celebrate the good days by needle working, gardening and house keeping. And pain follows the next day. As I know it will. But it's worth it, it keeps me sane. Right now, I feel that I can manage this. Or at least endure it. So I embrace this moment. Nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring, so embrace your good moments too!


  1. that is soooooooooo pretty...hope each day gets a little better...I have a backache that won't go makes me tired!!!! oh well, not much to do than just keep going!!!