Friday, April 13, 2012

Much better

I'm quite happy today. I'm stiff and sore, but it's because I did something yesterday. And that kind of pain is a lot easier to bear! I felt a little better yesterday, so I did some sewing. It worked fine, so I ran to get some yarn and a hook...

...and got started on a little shawl in love knots! Yay! I probably should finish some of my projects instead, but my little girl had asked me so kindly if I could make her some more shawls. She has one in purple, but it doesn't go with all her outfits so she thought she needed some in different colors. And I am so happy to be able to work a little bit on this one.

But the thing that really made my day was probably this. My garden, how I love it! It always makes me feel so much better. Just walking around, checking what is new and what is growing. It gives me such a feeling of well-being. 

Soon, really soon, I'll be able to make some nettle soup. I love to, both since it's tasty and healthy, but mostly because my son loves it. And he doesn't like vegetables or anything green, so I'm thrilled that he actually is looking forward to this soup. :)

Ah, I love these little beauties! I wish they would spread out faster. I just love those old gardens that turn all blue in spring, with the lawn filled with them. Lovely!

This isn't that lovely, though. I guess that roe deer came back when I didn't see her and had a good meal. I'm not too upset, since this is actually the first time they've eaten my tulips since we moved here seven years ago. Just hope they don't get at taste for it now... 

Well, what can I say? A little needlework and a stroll in the garden really lifted my spirits. I'm happy. And that gives me strength to keep going a little longer, even though it still hurts a bit. Today is laundry day, but I also hope to be able to plant the pansies that are waiting on the porch. It's hard not to do too much, once I have a better day... But I'll try not to overdo it. :)

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