Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beloved garden

How I love my garden! Not that it's perfect in any sense, not even close. It's full of weeds, the grass is high, and I would have to change a lot to make it the garden of my dreams. But I love the fact that I do have a garden. To sit in, to stroll around in, and actually to work in. It's good for my soul. I brought the camera, since I like how the world suddenly is filled with little wonders when I look for things to snap a picture of. Like these tulips. I don't think I would have noticed that peculiar shape if I hadn't taken this picture. Adorable! (Please ignore the nettle in the background, I do. I'll remove it from the flower bed another day. Maybe.)

And the apple blossoms, aren't they just beautiful?! 

I spent most of my time outdoors in the spicy part of my kitchen, you know, with the mint, the oregano, sage and lavender. They were waiting for me to re-arrange them a little bit and today I finally had it done. And then I added some seeds to the kitchen garden, and planted some flowers... And sat in the hammock with the kids, having cinnamon buns and muffins. Walking around with bare feet, that are now brown from stepping on some of the dandelions covering the lawn. What a lovely day!

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  1. so glad your garden is finally up from the long winter is wonderful to see it all come back...with no help from us...enjoy it while you summer temperatures are coming's a holiday weekend and it's going to be a hot one...