Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend outdoors

Look, look what I did! :) I actually sat down and made a few rows of crochet last night. It felt good, I have to say. First aching hands, and now when they feel a little better, I haven't really had the time or energy to sit down with any needlework at all. I fall asleep early every night, not used to all this "go to work"-business yet, and the weekends are stuffed with activity too. And that's really what I wanted to talk about today.

This is where I spent most of last weekend. We were hiking as we call it, although we don't walk that far into the little grove where we usually spend our Thursday evenings with a bunch of kids every spring and autumn. We are called Royal Rangers, and this is an activity for kids that our church has. So "our" nine kids and us grown-ups came here Saturday morning and left Sunday noon. (I have to admit that some of us spent the night in our own beds, but the others slept soundly in our shelter. 

Welcome to our kitchen! :) Everything is cooked over open fire. The yellow box/kitchen counter is our only cupboard, it contains a few drawers with beaters, spatulas, a few bowls and things like that.

One of our stoves. We build up a fire under the gratings, and cook on it. I think it's cool  that you can actually build a stove with wood, string and dirt. :)

But when we baked potatoes, we used a fire pit on the ground instead. Let the fire burn out, and put them on the bed of embers. 

Fire is most fascinating, don't you think? I love the late nights out there, when I sit by the fire as the kids are getting ready for bed. It's dark and pretty quiet, and I sit there under a wool blanket, staring into the flames and embers. They almost look alive!

I didn't show you the kids, since I'm not sure their parents would approve of that, but I can tell you we all had a great time. Building kites (that didn't fly), playing games, sending off flying paper lanterns, eating (everything you cook and eat outdoors tastes so much better than anything else) and laughing. But you're pretty tired once you get back home... :)

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