Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have a seat

I'm asking myself if it is the smartest thing to be crocheting like a maniac again. I really should slow down and have longer periods of rest, but I simply cannot stop! I'm having so much fun, making seat covers for my chairs. I showed you the first one, which is now all done, and I like it very much.

I found the pattern for this lovely square, Mary Ellen's Easy Daisy Granny Square, on Ravelry but the link goes directly to her blog. (If it looks a bit wonky, it's because I've been sitting on it...) I decided I wanted something for the back of the chair too, so I made simple granny stripes that I folded around and sewed on to the back of the chair. Please visit Attic 24 if you want to know how to make granny stripes, that's what I did.

Since most of the yarn is bulky (itchy) wool, it's both warming and a bit more comfy to sit on this chair now. And it looks so much prettier, if you ask me! :) Do I have to say I'm already working on a second one? But a different one it is. No flower this time. Surprised? I am! ;)

Yarn from the same box, the one with old, itchy left overs. Found this pattern on Ravelry too, and just had to try it at once! It's called Fireworks Surprise, and my biggest surprise is how wonky mine is becoming... I blame all the different yarn qualities I'm using, and I don't mind since I'm going to sit on it. It would get wonky anyway! Try this pattern if you haven't already, it's really fun!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wooly creation

Summer time makes me want to crochet. Happy colors mostly, and flowers. But I don't usually crochet something in wool... You see, a while ago we started a new project at home. We got hold of a few drawers, the desk kind. So we decided to make some changes in our hobby room. Again. :) I didn't really feel like it to start with, a lot of work it seemed. But I'm glad I listened to my wise husband. It turned out great! The kids have their own "desks" now, with their own shelves on the wall. And I do too. And the best of all - I have three (!!!) chairs at my desk, separated by drawers. One for scrap booking and other crafty stuff, one for my sewing machine (I don't have to put it away anymore!) and finally one for other fabric and yarn related crafting. I'll show you pictures, I promise.

As you might imagine, this "new" room gave me some inspiration. I really wanted to sit down and make up new, wonderful plans. :) My hands aren't hurting that much anymore, and I've been so inspired by a crafty woman with a shop called GarnMalin. She has these lovely crocheted circles in wool on her chairs, instead of ordinary seat cushions. I wanted to make some for my chairs too. But I didn't end up with anything like her pretty circles, although I wanted to and planned to. I ended up with this.

I just couldn't help myself, once I saw this pretty flower. Love it! I'll link you to the pattern once I'm completely done. I made a few more rounds yesterday, but I have to fasten all ends and make strings to attach it to the chair. And maybe something for the back of the chair too? I'll have to see what I can do with what I have at hand, since I'm using up some old scrap yarns.

Inspiration works in strange ways, have you noticed that? I really wanted to work something up like Malin does, simple but with a wonderful mix of yarns and different fibers. But it seems like I just can't. Every time I try to, I end up with something completely different. Something in my style, not hers. Nothing wrong with that, but is it really that hard to get away from old habits and favorite techniques? Maybe I'll make another try. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It is how it always is this time of the year - no inspiration at all when it comes to blogging. My computer time is at a minimum, and I can't say that I'm doing much of interest either. Well, yes, I've finished the pink shawl for my daughter, but that's about it. I work, read, sleep... And re-organize the house. Again... :) Improving the work space in our crafty room, which have created a massive mess in most parts of the house. Not finished yet, but now it's interrupted by some time away in our little caravan. My husband is working at two different conferences, and we all come along. It will probably be great fun, but a part of me would like to stay at home at do something about this mess and tend to the garden. But there will be lots of time for that too!

I guess I won't be in here much, I really need this to be something I do for fun, not something I have to do. I guess you are all out and about too, most of the time?

And no, there are no flowers on my apple-tree any longer, this picture was taken a while ago. I just happen to love it! :) See ya!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


My kids are really growing like weed right now, both of them. So the pile of outgrown clothes is growing steadily... Sometimes my girl take over something her brother used to have, but more often his clothes are too boyish for her. Or rather, not girly enough... Two pairs of short pants were obviously too dull for her taste, so I promised to make them a little more girly.

Bored as I was the other day, I thought I would try to make some embroidery. I wasn't sure that my hands would find it such a splendid idea, but they surprised me. It worked just fine, and today I fastened the last strand.

I chose to focus on the pockets, since the threads on the back could impossibly itch that way. 

Nothing more fancy than a few simple flowers on each pocket. I tend to overdo things, guess I don't know when to stop... So I tried hard to make it just enough.

I used some left over thread from old embroidery kits, you know, with fabric, pattern and pre-cut thread. I love the idea of using what I have at hand, and left overs are perfect!

I tried a new thing I saw in a book. You can see the red flowers below, kind of looking like tulips. The stitch used is blanket stitch (langettsöm). Instead of making a straight line, you make a quarter of a circle, I think I made 3-4 stitches. 

Well, it was fun making all these little flowers, and now the pants are accepted by my almost eight year old. So everybody's happy, and one less item to go shopping for! And one more pair to go... :)