Saturday, June 2, 2012


My kids are really growing like weed right now, both of them. So the pile of outgrown clothes is growing steadily... Sometimes my girl take over something her brother used to have, but more often his clothes are too boyish for her. Or rather, not girly enough... Two pairs of short pants were obviously too dull for her taste, so I promised to make them a little more girly.

Bored as I was the other day, I thought I would try to make some embroidery. I wasn't sure that my hands would find it such a splendid idea, but they surprised me. It worked just fine, and today I fastened the last strand.

I chose to focus on the pockets, since the threads on the back could impossibly itch that way. 

Nothing more fancy than a few simple flowers on each pocket. I tend to overdo things, guess I don't know when to stop... So I tried hard to make it just enough.

I used some left over thread from old embroidery kits, you know, with fabric, pattern and pre-cut thread. I love the idea of using what I have at hand, and left overs are perfect!

I tried a new thing I saw in a book. You can see the red flowers below, kind of looking like tulips. The stitch used is blanket stitch (langettsöm). Instead of making a straight line, you make a quarter of a circle, I think I made 3-4 stitches. 

Well, it was fun making all these little flowers, and now the pants are accepted by my almost eight year old. So everybody's happy, and one less item to go shopping for! And one more pair to go... :)

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