Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have a seat

I'm asking myself if it is the smartest thing to be crocheting like a maniac again. I really should slow down and have longer periods of rest, but I simply cannot stop! I'm having so much fun, making seat covers for my chairs. I showed you the first one, which is now all done, and I like it very much.

I found the pattern for this lovely square, Mary Ellen's Easy Daisy Granny Square, on Ravelry but the link goes directly to her blog. (If it looks a bit wonky, it's because I've been sitting on it...) I decided I wanted something for the back of the chair too, so I made simple granny stripes that I folded around and sewed on to the back of the chair. Please visit Attic 24 if you want to know how to make granny stripes, that's what I did.

Since most of the yarn is bulky (itchy) wool, it's both warming and a bit more comfy to sit on this chair now. And it looks so much prettier, if you ask me! :) Do I have to say I'm already working on a second one? But a different one it is. No flower this time. Surprised? I am! ;)

Yarn from the same box, the one with old, itchy left overs. Found this pattern on Ravelry too, and just had to try it at once! It's called Fireworks Surprise, and my biggest surprise is how wonky mine is becoming... I blame all the different yarn qualities I'm using, and I don't mind since I'm going to sit on it. It would get wonky anyway! Try this pattern if you haven't already, it's really fun!


  1. This is so clever! And it looks adorable, too :)

  2. Hello my pouch bag is finished!!
    Comme and see it on my blog!
    Have a beautiful summer

  3. Very nice. I like the colors together.