Thursday, June 14, 2012


It is how it always is this time of the year - no inspiration at all when it comes to blogging. My computer time is at a minimum, and I can't say that I'm doing much of interest either. Well, yes, I've finished the pink shawl for my daughter, but that's about it. I work, read, sleep... And re-organize the house. Again... :) Improving the work space in our crafty room, which have created a massive mess in most parts of the house. Not finished yet, but now it's interrupted by some time away in our little caravan. My husband is working at two different conferences, and we all come along. It will probably be great fun, but a part of me would like to stay at home at do something about this mess and tend to the garden. But there will be lots of time for that too!

I guess I won't be in here much, I really need this to be something I do for fun, not something I have to do. I guess you are all out and about too, most of the time?

And no, there are no flowers on my apple-tree any longer, this picture was taken a while ago. I just happen to love it! :) See ya!

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