Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wooly creation

Summer time makes me want to crochet. Happy colors mostly, and flowers. But I don't usually crochet something in wool... You see, a while ago we started a new project at home. We got hold of a few drawers, the desk kind. So we decided to make some changes in our hobby room. Again. :) I didn't really feel like it to start with, a lot of work it seemed. But I'm glad I listened to my wise husband. It turned out great! The kids have their own "desks" now, with their own shelves on the wall. And I do too. And the best of all - I have three (!!!) chairs at my desk, separated by drawers. One for scrap booking and other crafty stuff, one for my sewing machine (I don't have to put it away anymore!) and finally one for other fabric and yarn related crafting. I'll show you pictures, I promise.

As you might imagine, this "new" room gave me some inspiration. I really wanted to sit down and make up new, wonderful plans. :) My hands aren't hurting that much anymore, and I've been so inspired by a crafty woman with a shop called GarnMalin. She has these lovely crocheted circles in wool on her chairs, instead of ordinary seat cushions. I wanted to make some for my chairs too. But I didn't end up with anything like her pretty circles, although I wanted to and planned to. I ended up with this.

I just couldn't help myself, once I saw this pretty flower. Love it! I'll link you to the pattern once I'm completely done. I made a few more rounds yesterday, but I have to fasten all ends and make strings to attach it to the chair. And maybe something for the back of the chair too? I'll have to see what I can do with what I have at hand, since I'm using up some old scrap yarns.

Inspiration works in strange ways, have you noticed that? I really wanted to work something up like Malin does, simple but with a wonderful mix of yarns and different fibers. But it seems like I just can't. Every time I try to, I end up with something completely different. Something in my style, not hers. Nothing wrong with that, but is it really that hard to get away from old habits and favorite techniques? Maybe I'll make another try. :)

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