Thursday, July 5, 2012

Caravan crochet :)

Blogging with the android today, which can be a challenge if you want more than one picture. Just found out that it works better to e-mail the post, but I still can't put the pictures where I want them. Or turn them around... Anyone out there  who has found the perfect blogger app? Please tell me!

I just wanted to show you this colorful creation I made for my girl last time we were out with the caravan. She and her brother wanted to buy a small Bible. The problem was that they only came in one color, and of course they didn't want them to look the same... So she asked me if I could crochet a cover for her Bible. Or... I asked her if she wanted me to... :) She said yes. "Go get some yarn and a hook. Now!" :) So I did.

I had a little bag of tiny acrylic balls of yarn in really happy colors to play with. She wanted squares and stripes. I used a piece of fabric we had in the caravan (it used to be a ribbon for some curtain) for the inside. Crochet would have been too bulky. Maybe not so classy, but I sure had fun making it!

And yes, I always bring yarn in the caravan. I tend to be really inspired here. And now, I have a box full of cotton yarn that I need to dive in to! :D

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  1. I have a large stash of cotton yarn too. I love that idea. I would like to make this book cover for my daughter too.