Thursday, July 5, 2012

Caravan knitting

We are on a trip with our caravan again, third time this year already. We are at that place by the sea again, close to Halmstad on the west coast. Lovely weather, we've even been swimming! But it was rather cold... The summer has not been very warm this far.

I've spent a few nights knitting I started in February, but was delayed due to the pain in my hands. But today I finished it. Yay! It's a scarf/bandana in cotton for my husband. It was supposed to be finnished for his birthday in March, so he has been eagerly waiting for it to be done. I think he even is hoping for a chilly evening, since he wants to use it now! :)

I only had two skeins of multi-colored cotton, so I used some gray for the edge. Turned out fine,I think.

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