Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was asked how I best dry my herbs. Well, this time I used my birthday gift, this marvelous machine!

It's a food dryer, with six layers to dry stuff on. It can dry anything, I choose temperature and time and moves the different layers around after a while to get them to dry evenly. It's great! This was an expensive dryer, there are others less expensive but I don't think one can change temperature on them all.

Before I had this wonder, I used to dry things in the oven. That is not so great for herbs though, since they burn easily and shouldn't be heated to more than 35 C. You can dry them in bunches, hanging from the roof in a ventilated area away from sunlight. Or on a net, spread out. I can't do this, since we have soooo many flies around, leaving there dirt on everything. Yuck! So I am very pleased with my dryer.

But if you want to dry fruit, vegetables or something like that, you can use the oven. Put it on low temperature (50-70 C) and leave the door open, just a bit to let the moisture out. If you don't have flies, you can do as I did last year with some mushrooms - spread them out on a "mosquito window", a wooden frame with a net, and leave them there until they are dry.


  1. Härligt med egna örter! Och så fint invirkad stolen blev!

  2. Dehydrators are the best, so versatile! I love mine :)

    Your projects are very nice, love how colorful they are.

    Nice blog!