Thursday, July 26, 2012


The sun is setting, and I take a walk in our garden. We have been busy gardening, painting our garden furniture, shopping plants and... well, we've been busy! :) But busy in a good way, because we want to do all this for ourselves. We love to be in our garden, and I think both me and my husband has a special thing for our kitchen garden. All the plants of course, inviting us to make something tasty. But also cooking outdoors. Today, my husband made the "kitchen" in the left, from an old sink. There we can prepare food or work with our plants...

But I'm sad to say we have to spend much time indoors, because of the mosquitoes. An aggressive kind has invaded the area around the bird lake we live close too, making it impossible to stay outside. Some days are worse than others, but today we managed to stay outside. Lots of mosquito repellent and some candles they don't like the smell of helped a lot. This is where I spent most of the day, tired because of an upset belly. I hate all the trouble and pain it's causing me (it happens quite frequently), but the overall feeling today was happiness. I love our garden, that we put so much work into lately. I love how the furniture turned out after a much needed paint, and with new pads. I love the view from our backyard, watching the farmers bringing in the hay. I love seeing my husband so enthusiastic over his projects. Happy!

We had my parents over for a few days, spending time together. Lovely! I truly enjoy sharing my gardening enthusiasm with my mum. And I also want to share my little miracle. I don't know much about hollyhocks. But I do know that the plant I received from my husband years ago had the same color as the closest flower below. That's just one plant, that has spread along the wall of our shed. And now, I have flowers in three different colors! The two in the picture and a lighter pink. Isn't that strange? The dark pink one even has a different shape than the other two. But I'm happy, I really wanted hollyhocks in more colors than just one, and now I do!

 Oh, and not only the grown-ups are filling their days with outdoor projects. The kids have opened a flee market in our (not in use) outdoor toilet. :) And when dad made an outdoor kitchen, the son thought we should really use the waste water for something. So he made water cleansers, so that he and his sister can filter that waste and use it when they play, instead of spending clean water for playing around with. :) Environmentally educated kids these days!

I hope you all are having a lovely time, and that you are all able to enjoy your own beautiful surroundings. We are having some warm, sunny days after a pretty cold and rainy summer, so we are enjoying it all very much. Now, I'm wanted elsewhere... Take care!

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