Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some things old and something new

Relaxing by the computer tonight, a little exhausted after some hard gardening today. Totally unplanned, but it turned out great. We only meant to remove a few trees growing where they shouldn't (in our hedge), and ended up removing a lot more than that. We have a lot of lilac hedges in our garden, and some of it is very old and starts to look untidy. So we started sawing and snipping... and just couldn't stop. You know how it is sometimes, the more you remove, the more you find that also needs to be removed. I'm glad we have some left, but I can tell you that it's a bit more windy in the backyard now! :) But it will be great when the smaller plants now will get a chance to grow up into a fuller hedge. And the rose that now has a lot more space, I hope it will expand before the lilacs reclaim the open area between them!

Anyway, the other day I realized that I have a few things that I haven't showed you. Well, in the progress of making them of course, but not as finished objects. So here's the first one, my kurbits cozy. I use this for my phone. The reason I never showed you when it was finished, is because it's not really. I just started using it anyway... I was planning to make a lining, with two pockets. One for the mobile, and one for my VISA and maybe some cash. I sometimes stuff it all in there, but they have to cope with each other without being separated. I really should put a button in there, though. Since my mobile keeps falling out when I put it in my bag. And maybe I should make something so I can hang it around my neck. But I guess I never will.

The motif is needle felted, and it's far from perfect. Only my second try, still learning! :) My daughter asked me what it was supposed to look like, so maybe I better tell you too. It's supposed to be a heart (the red thing) and flowers and leaves. I was inspired by the Swedish folk art tradition of kurbits, go google it if you don't know what it is! It's very beautiful.

The second thing up tonight is this african flower bag. I have posted it before, both when felting it and later, waiting for a lining. And it will be waiting... No lining! Just a couple of buttons on the handle, not even a button to close it with.

I needed (or at least wanted) a smaller bag for a trip, and just grabbed this one. It doesn't really need a lining since the felting closed any holes in the crochet, and it's really sturdy. I just wish the handle was a little longer. It's a very easy bag to make, especially if you skip the felting part. I saw a bag like this on Flickr, maybe I can find it for you, and maybe I can tell how I made it, if you want me to. We'll see.

Finally, something new! My second seat cover for the wooden chairs by my crafting table. I saw this as an afghan square on Ravelry and had to try it. Take a look at the original, isn't it pretty? I used old wool I had and never had any use for, so I tried to use up the colors I happened to have. Quite pleased with the result. And the square was a lot of fun to make!

I wasn't sure how to end it all, but decided to end with a simple row of sc, and then chain stitches in every stitch, for some stability in the edge. It also gave the square a robust feeling that I liked, some kind of old-fashioned country style, not really sure how to describe the feeling of it. But I like it!

So, that was chair number two. At least one more to go, and I believe my daughter wanted something for here chair too. A great opportunity to play around! :D

I think I better head for bed now, think I have some more gardening to do tomorrow. If I will be able to move at all, might be rather stiff tomorrow morning... :) But it's worth it! Anyway, I love to be strong enough to be able to work all day, removing shrubs and cutting grass (with one of those big, hand-held scissors). I know I can't take that for granted, with this "old" body of mine. So I'm a happy girl tonight!

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