Sunday, August 26, 2012

Comfy poncho

 I have been longing to show you the result of my efforts to make the yarn last for a poncho in this super bulky, chunky yarn. The original plan was to knit it in garter stitch only, but that ate up too much yarn. So I decided to try out dropped stitches, that I imagined would make the yarn last longer. (You don't really drop them, just make the stitches longer by wrapping the yarn around the needle one row, and dropping the extra wraps the next row.) And it did. But not more than enough, I used up all of my four balls of  yarn. Luckily, I had the tassel already, a left-over from a hat I made two years ago.

The poncho is knitted in one piece, a long rectangle. I haven't checked, but I think it's about 100 cm long. And 25 stitches wide... :) When it was all done, I simple stitched one of the short sides onto the long side, from the corner and in. Do you get the idea? Didn't really get a good picture of it. The stitching is right on my shoulder. The poncho is straight on my back, the only corner is this one with the tassel. Wish I had taken a picture of the back too. But I think you understand. Right? :)

I am really in love with this poncho, it's very cuddly and comfy. I was wearing it at work, and was a little worried that it would feel tight, or that the corner would get in my way as I have a desk job. But it really didn't. At all. So I've been wearing it for two days already, with joy!


  1. Den ser jättemysig ut. Vad duktig du är på engelska förresten, jag är imponerad!