Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What to do and what to write

Hi there, remember me? I'm the one writing here, occasionally... Wow, it really goes a long time between my posts now. Too long. I can't blame it all on the fact that I'm working now, since I mostly work only one day a week... But it is a fact that I haven't been creating much lately. I think that is changing now, I do have a lot going on. And normally when I have a "down" period on crochet and knitting during the summer, I do a lot of berry picking, making jam and that kind of thing. But I haven't at all this year. All the berries I picked was my (huge) wild strawberries from the garden, and they were never more than a handful. So I guess I've had a hard time finding something to write about. House cleaning and tidying up messy storage rooms isn't very inspiring to write about... But let's not dwell in the past. I'm here now, and I hope to show up more often.

If I didn't pick berries, I did pick our apples. Unfortunately a little late, since they were all on the ground... :/ I have done some investigation on the web today and I do believe our apple-tree to be a Transparente Blanche. Makes a delicious jam, but they get ugly as soon as you touch it (very sensitive) and they rot fast. So I guess I will have to throw most of these away. But I managed to get a few bags into the freezer, for future apple pies. 

I also picked these yesterday. The nights are getting cold now, too cold for these guys anyway. I hope at least some will turn red. If they are supposed to, I think one kind is green stripy... I got a few plants from a friend and didn't think I would get any tomatoes at all, since I don't have a greenhouse and live in a windy spot. So I'm happy either way. :) I think I'll try again next year, and try to take better care of them.

Inspiring, don't you think? It is! My neighbor has called me over twice, to get flowers that she didn't have room for anymore. Three (!!!) wheelbarrows full! So we had to dig a new flowerbed. In fact, we enlarged one that was so filled with weed that we had to do something about it anyway. My husband is amazing, not very interested in gardening himself, he dug and dug and dug... Heavy clay mud in pouring rain! That's love! Yesterday I started planting. Didn't take any pictures, since it was pretty dark when I was done. I was planning to continue today, but the weather isn't really the best...

Now, I read a comment on facebook today, about knitting mittens. Mixing wool and mohair, that really got me inspired. Have to go dig through my stash and see what I can find! Hope to be back soon (and I mean it!), probably with something containing yarn... See you all!


  1. Hi there...nice to see you back.
    I have never seen white apples and they sound like they are not good for very much if they do all the things you describe...very delicate is not usful!!! :) bet they taste good tho'.
    it will be nice to see all the flowers come up next year...I used to share all mine too...but then the voles ate them so now I don't have many left!!! and with the lack of rain it isn't very pretty out there anymore!! Wonder what you'll come up with with the mohair and wool..then I can copy you!!
    don't stay away too long...we miss you!

  2. jag köpte inte skoskåpet för att få bort skorna egentligen... mest för at få nåt att ha en fin spegel över ;) skåpet är så litet att det bara sväljer en bråkdel av alla dojor som vi snavar över. Men det är så litet djup så det får plats i våran minihall så det fick bli ett sånt skåp... alltså mest ska det vara bara för syns skull, för att det ska vara fint :)
    Här har också varit stiltje med handarbetandet.. men nu börjar jag få lusten tillbaka, gäller bara att ha tid!
    Hur fryser du äpplena? som mos eller?