Thursday, October 25, 2012

First snow

Hi again! Felt like blogging... :) Several times a day or weeks between, it's supposed to be fun so I will do it when I feel like it!

The first snow has been seen today. Well, I never saw it as there was so little of it. I did see the hail though, but then it is noisier... :) Sadly, my body hates this weather. Snow, hail, rain, snow... It hurts everywhere. So I try to do things I enjoy, to forget the pain. And having fun actually eases the pain. I bet somebody has made research on that! :)

I have been struggling with some fingerless mitts, and finished them today. Except weaving in the ends, but that does not count as fun! Now I am making this shawl bigger. Thought it looked pretty, do you see that the hook and the blanket have the same colour? :)

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  1. I always try to match my hook and blanket!!! :) :) :)...I hurt my wrist so this is just a short HI...nice to see you twice today....ouch...see you later